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Event Schedule
The Park is open 365 days a year and festival goers are welcome to come early. Additional camping fees will apply if you choose to arrive before 8am on Thursday April 16th.. Parking area will remain open until 3:00 p.m. on Sunday April 20.

Spirit of Suwannee Music Park Rules Click Here vendor PDF application

Event Ticket includes
(3) days of great music and (3) nights of primitive camping - April 16, 17, 18. Camping upgrades are available through The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park offices. (if you want to bring your RV or rent a cabin).

Additional Primitive Camping Fees:
Anyone arriving on Sunday thru Wed. prior to event must pay a per person charge of:
$50 Sunday (includes camping for Sunday $10, Monday $10, Tuesday $10, & Wednesday Day Before $20)
$40 Monday (includes camping for Monday $10, Tuesday $10, & Wednesday Day Before $20)
$30 Tuesday (includes camping for Tuesday $10, & Wednesday Day Before $20)
$20 Wednesday (includes camping for Wednesday Day Before $20)
Must have weekend ticket in order to camp.

WHO NEEDS A TICKET? Kids 6 and under receive free admission. Kids 12 and under are half price, at the gate only. Must be accompanied by a ticketed adult. Everyone else must also have a ticket.

What will be there when you arrive:
•Potable water •Restrooms and Port-o-lets •General store
•Ice •Information/lost and found center •Trash and recycling stations •Campground Security •Shower Facilities
What you need to bring with you::
•Bug Repellent •Sunscreen •Trash bags •Flashlight & batteries •Change of clothes •Tent •Sleeping bags •Ear Plugs •Prescription Medications you may need
What you don't need to bring with you or do while your here:
•Illegal drugs •Weapons of any kind •Pets •Fireworks •Glow sticks •Unauthorized vending •Beer kegs •Motorized or non-motorized transportation: scooters, bicycles, golf carts, ATV's, motor scooters, rollerblades, skateboards, powered skateboards and several not listed here. Walk, its healthier for you and your fellow concertgoers. •Valuables

CAMPFIRES ARE PERMITTED IN THE CAMPGROUNDS AS LONG AS AN ADULT ATTENDS THEM. FIREWOOD IS AVAILABLE AT THE GENERAL STORE OR CAMPGROUND OFFICE Campfires should be attended at all times and extinguished before retiring for the night. Safe fire practices such as fire rings are enforced. Do not cut standing trees or bushes. Fines will be charged.

POSTAL SERVICE; ITEMS MAY BE MAILED OR RECEIVED AT THE MAIN CAMPGROUND OFFICES.  Or the Official United States Post Office Is located 4 miles from the site in downtown Live Oak.

GENERAL STORE: FOR CONCERT GOERS CONVENIENCE THE SUWANNEE MUSIC PARK OPERATES A GENERAL STORE OF PREMISES. Items the store handles are beer, soda, water, milk, ice, bread, eggs, candy, limited line of snacks, health & beauty products, toilet paper, laundry supplies, various Camping gear, limited line of RV supplies, t-shirts, hats, firewood, grills, lighter fluid, charcoal, bug repellent, Cold breakfast products such as breakfast bars, rolls, and fruit. FESTIVAL HOURS OF THE GENERAL STORE ARE 9AM TO MIDNIGHT DAILY STARTING ON WEDNESDAY.

RESTROOM FACILITIES:  Restrooms are located at the Music Hall, John Condo Unit at the Meadow, bathhouses at Rees Lake, Horse Camping, Membership and the Loop Area. Additional Port-o-let facilities will be located throughout the campgrounds.

SHOWER FACILITIES: An outdoor shower is setup in the Farm Field for primitive campers.

LOCKSMITHS: A-1 Key & Lock (386) 362-1170
Anderson's Tri-County Locksmiths (386) 364-8011
Jasper Locksmith (386) 303-4551 and 
USA Security Locksmith Service (386) 330-0399.

TOWING: Local tow service to the park is provided by
Jim's PB Auto Service (24-hour response) (386) 752-7305
Mike's Auto Repair (386) 364-4123

CAB SERVICE: County Cab Company 6 am to 10 pm (386) 364-4003

HOSPITAL: In the unfortunate event that someone in your party needs more serious medical attention the local Hospital is 
Shands at Live Oak (386) 362-1413

QUESTIONS: WHAT IF I WANT TO ATTEND THE SHOW BUT DON'T WANT TO CAMP? There are many area accommodations available. Please see our Hotels & Camping section for a Listing of those nearby and contact information.

CAN I BRING MY PET?? The simple answer to this is NO. Pets of any kind are not a good idea at an event of this nature. It's not really fair to them or your fellow patrons of the event. They either get left behind at your campground, in the car or roam freely causing a hazard to themselves and others at the event. No animals will be permitted in the campgrounds and you will be turned away if one is in your car when you arrive. Please leave them at home, with a friend or in the kennel during your visit with us.

We are committed to making Wanee more sustainable each year. Here are a few suggestions of things YOU can do to help us and the planet:
Carpool: Carpooling can make a huge difference in reducing your festival footprint. Use your networks and social media to find friends in your area that would like to save on gas. You might even make a new friend!

Pack and Camp Responsibly: When you are planning your trip to Wanee, forget about disposable cutlery, cups, bottles and plates! One of the best ways you can reduce your impact is to bring reusable items. Don’t forget soap, a scrubber or rag and a washing station. Try using a bucket or big soup pot for dirty dishes and bring reusable food containers for storage. PLASTIC CUPS AREN’T CURRENTLY RECYCLABLE IN THIS AREA.
Bring a reusable water bottle; you can bring empty water bottles into the venue, saving LOTS of plastic bottles and keeping a few extra bucks in your pocket. Now doesn’t that sound good?
Bring some butt boxes and keep your butts off the ground! An altoid tin or any pocket-sized closed container works great for storing your cigarette butts until you find a trash can. Keeping cigarette butts off the ground keeps the land beautiful. It also lessens the work the cleanup crew has to do, and we all want that.
Bring at least two containers to separate trash and recyclables in your campsite and encourage everyone to use them. Guess what? You can win HUGE prizes just for bringing your recycling or composting to us! Look for the Recycle Rewards tent to win tickets to Wanee 2016, a VIP Upgrade and other cool prizes!
What You Can Recycle
• Plastic bottles (Empty with caps on - No cups!)
• Glass bottles
• Aluminum cans
• Steel cans
• Cardboard
• Clean plastic bags (keep separate from other recyclables)
• Check out what else you can recycle - you might be surprised!

Spread the Word!
• Support vendors who have compostable or recyclable food containers and tell them why
• Share this with your friends - using this page can help you be Green Waneeans!
For More Info or to Get Involved:

Check out the Green Team @ Spirit of the Suwannee on Facebook or email Lindsey@[email protected]