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 Wanee = Love 
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Post Wanee = Love
Hello everyone on this forum I am bdfinfl but my name is Rusty King I live in Port St Joe, FL and due to the storm I had to evacuate to Marianna where my parents live also where Richard aka RiverNole lives. Both towns have been devastated by this storm, my home in St Joe from what I have been told was severely damaged by the storm surge so all I have (as far as possessions) is what I could fit in my truck before leaving, but as I lay here early this morning I realize I have something very very important maybe more important than anything I have lost and that is the love of my Wanee Family. I knew this love was strong and very powerful but not like I do now. All of the support I have received from people that some of whom I only see once a year maybe only even talk to but once a year have shown me is truly amazing words just can not describe. My brothers and sisters are willing to stop their lives to help me in anyway they can in my time of need. They are bringing me a generator, food, water any supplies that I may need they are trying to get to me. They have offered their homes and so much more it is truly unbelievable and so very valuable to me. I have often told people that don't know what Wanee is, that the music is what brought us all together but the love we have for each other is what brings us back time and time again. Sure we may disagree at times about the line up or who the better preferences was but it's that love that never changes it never waivers a bit. I see that better today than I ever have. So to the people at Live Nation and The Spirit of the Suwanee Music Park please I beg of you don't ever let that love die. This festival must continue so that others can experience this powerful love. This is why the tittle of this post was Wanee = Love be a use that is exactly what Wanee means to me. So i ask of you who may or may not know me or Richard or anyone else affected by this storm please keep us in your prayers or keep sending good vibes of love or what ever you do because they are very much needed and extremely appreciated. And to my brother Richard if you are out there please PM me or if you know Richard and know what his status is please PM me and let me know how he is if he needs anything so I can show that love to a fellow brother and his family.

Peace and Love,
Rusty King

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Post Re: Wanee = Love
I’m very sorry to hear about your loss. Hope you can keep a positive attitude while you recover. All I can do is send good vibes. Be safe...Wanee Love


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Post Re: Wanee = Love
best wishes to you i hope normalcy returns soon

I'm loving every minute of it

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Post Re: Wanee = Love
Beautiful sentiment. Thank you, and we wish you all the best.

I know Live Nation cannot appreciate that we would go back even if there were no music at all.

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Post Re: Wanee = Love

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Post Re: Wanee = Love
Hey Rusty!

Well written. Not sure if you know Tony who camps with Richard, but he was at Roots and gave me an update.

Richard rode the storm out at home, and family went to safety. Tony was headed there as I write this. No power, no gas and low on food. Plenty of firewood... :?

Will post if i hear more. May start a gofundme for Richard. He wont. :lol: Will post if I hear more.

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Post Re: Wanee = Love
Hey Rusty, please keep us updated. It's amazing the friendship, love and support that can be found in our little community here. Especially in times of need... Even if Wanee is done, there will be other festivals and the park is a big draw to a lot of us even if there's no music.

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Post Re: Wanee = Love
Rusty and Volke... adding my voice to please keep us updated, in particular Richard... I was worried about him all weekend. Does not surprise me to hear he chose to stay. By my reckoning, it was still a Cat3 storm when it went over Marianna... which is just wrong, for a storm so far inland, but that's Mother Nature for ya I guess.

Hoping for the best for our friends up on the Panhandle... don't know what I can do from all the way down here in SoFla... definitely in for contributing to a Go Fund Me when or if that happens.

I'm tired of these damn storms. Wasn't any fun around here last year, and all I did was do my job to support getting the lights back on.... no damage to my own stuff. Just tired of the heartache. :| ... I guess the only fix, is to get busy and help others. Because they sure could use a helping hand...

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Post Re: Wanee = Love

BTW, has anyone heard from NCViper?

They live in the New Bern NC area; that region got seriously flooded from Hurricane Florence.

Hope everyone is okay.

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Post Re: Wanee = Love
Yes a viper update is needed!

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