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 Gonna Be A Great Wanee In 2018 
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Post Gonna Be A Great Wanee In 2018
This isn't the first year I've seen a bunch of complaining about the line up, it's a message board, so of course complainers are gonna complain.
I come to this board mostly for info about Wanee and can count on a few souls here for good scoop.

This years negativity seems off the charts. I told my wife I understand because a festival that was created around the Allmans no longer has Allmans. It's been a tough few years for the band and fan base.

So now it seems the older Crew feels disenchanted with what's left of Wanee, once again I understand. Panic is what got me to my first Wanee several years ago. What we found was a slice of heaven on earth that was beyond what was happening on stage.

For the first time since 1990/91 when camping was no longer available in the venue parking lot of Grateful Dead shows was there a feeling of magic beyond the music.
The community outside those venues doors had a soul, a life, a heartbeat. Several Allmans, Dead, Phish, WSP and festivals were never able to recreate the vibe or overall experience closer to many.

Then there was Wanee, fitting the Allmans fan base and music would be able to somehow catch that magic and put it out there. Being that I was not at the first Wanee or several after I'm not able to speak of when, where or how the magic happened in the festival, but it's there. It was there for us last year, it was there for the new friends that came for the first time and it will be there this year.

Personally I think the line up is fantastic this year. Like it or not WSP is the rein holder of the festival. For those hating on Panic or claiming they shouldn't have 2 nights, all I can say is they are an important piece of the puzzle for Wanee success and Vibe to continue.

Several years ago WSP and Allmans toured together alternating who closed each night. I was surprised and amazed how many "old" Allmans fans had not heard WSP let alone know the music. I'm trying to wrap my head around who and what bands could truly anchor a music festival like Wanee and keep the train going.

It's not Steve Winwood or any of the other names dropped in the complainer threads.
The bottom line is there is a massive hole left for several with the exit of anything Allmans at Wanee. It's understandable that for many souls it seems over for them.
Just like when Jerry died, all of the sudden a few people took a bath, got a job and finally got married or whatever.
For some there was Phish or some WSP and many just held the Allmans dear.

For many of us music is too much a part of our life And community built around music to fade not the sunset.
The point I'm making is Wanee still has the magic. The WSP fa base will support this festival and having Panic headline this event in this region is vital to the future of Wanee. Those of you calling yourselves old don't need old school acts to keep you interested, you just gotta dig into these younger acts keeping the vibe going. These bands and musicians are carrying the torch of pure music and and that spirit that lives in the notes and sounds we

Of course Wanee as a festival needs something to keep the youth movement coming, but you old guys and girls are still the most important part of this festival. It's you that created this, its you that carried the spirit to the Suwannee. I have felt it and crave it.
This old guy doesn't want electronics and DJ''s ruining the vibe that is so dear to Wanee. So come on out, listen to some new tunes, visit with your friends, make some new ones and tell the stories. Keep it pure and teach the children well, we are so fortunate to have a festival worthy.

I guess what I'm trying to say is some of you may not know why to go anymore now that your favorite band is no longer represented, but you are actually part of this thing regardless. We as a community are Wanee, there is nothing else close.

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Post Re: Gonna Be A Great Wanee In 2018
Well said ...Merry Wanee 2018!


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Post Re: Gonna Be A Great Wanee In 2018
I’ve Been to all but 2 of these
My favorite band is there
Not young. Not quite old
I get your post. 100%
Criticism is essential for improvement. Censorship is very bad.
Anyways, I appreciate the well thought out and considerate post

I wish I was there already.
FWIW-I once posted I’d go to Wanee even if the Wiggles headlined one night

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Post Re: Gonna Be A Great Wanee In 2018
I have been to several Panic shows and still haven't got it. Yes, it good southern rock/jam. But i keep going to shows trying to get it. I have went back and rewatched/listened to last year's show 8-10 times now and feel going back and watching it was a lot better show than i gave it credit for while watching originally.

I have listened to lot of live Panic once I saw that they were playing 2 nights this year. I have started to dig them a lot more and am pretty excited about giving them another shot this year.

Anybody have any shows they recommend to listen to over the next couple days before i head that way?

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Post Re: Gonna Be A Great Wanee In 2018
If I ain’t bitching I ain’t happy

I'm loving every minute of it

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Post Re: Gonna Be A Great Wanee In 2018
Amen on this. The whole vibe there is amazing and I can’t wait. The age differences is awesome. I’m 46. My neighbors in front of us were 56 and folks behind us were early twenties. Peas and carrots we were.

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Post Re: Gonna Be A Great Wanee In 2018
Wonderfully stated, NC/Wanee.

I think the bigger griping is about the lack of attention by Live Nation compared to what they put into the Peach.

And I will sorely miss Warren on stage hollering: Wa-NEEEEE!

"Bring the band on down behind me, boys." -- FZ

"Remember: music is a religion. You have to pray every day."
-- Jose' Luis "Cheo" Pardo, Los Amigos Invisibles

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Post Re: Gonna Be A Great Wanee In 2018
The Peach Fest , I believe is CID Entertainment not Live Nation.


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Post Re: Gonna Be A Great Wanee In 2018
Great post. PANIC brought myself and a bunch of my crew to wanee for the first time and we've never left. There are alot of family ties between ABB and WSP. Bring from Macon ga, I love them both.

Happy Wanee everyone


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Post Re: Gonna Be A Great Wanee In 2018
Maybe I am late but I just got the 2018 app.

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