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 Personal Rant (don't read) 
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Post Personal Rant (don't read)
People are so disgusting.....
A couple weeks ago....I went on the Gregg Allman site and wrote a simple "How much I will miss him....and how much I loved ABB."
Simple statement....then some fools go on and lambast me ..."he is dead...get over are gonna die...I wish you were dead in the past.... all kinds of vile nasty crap...." I ignored them....yesterday...I went back on and it was all the person or by a moderator...I don't know. But REALLY!!! was all that necessary?
This weekend I went on the couch tour and listened to some music....and read the comments on the side....which I should not have done. People were making all kinds of vile comments about the artists.....really cruel they hated this band or that terrible they are.......on and on.
They talked bad about Lock' it is a dead show and everyone wants to play dead covers....even when Phil came on...they were blasting him as well as Bob.....
What is wrong with people????
You had your typical liberals talking nasty about conservatives...and conservatives just as bad the other way.
What gives???
Why go on a music site and hate on everyone.....if you don't like a band...move on......if you don't like the whole festival....go watch the tv or go to Houston to help those in need. Get out and let those that enjoy really enjoy.
I know I did not have to could hide the contents.....that is my fault.
But REALLY PEOPLE....get a life and leave us to ours.
I have so much more to say...but will leave it at that....
Love to all of you....
Rivernole!!! I can take the criticism.....I am a big boy.

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Post Re: Personal Rant (don't read)
The anonymity of the Internet has given license to small minded creeps to post all manner of cruel comments. Miserable f!*ks all of them. Don't let them steal your light and joy of things you love!!

~~Can't go back and you can't stand still. If the peaches don't get you, then the mushrooms will.~~

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Post Re: Personal Rant (don't read)
Heaven and Hell coexist here on Earth. Don't make eye contact with the demons or engage them. Keep the faith and they will wither. Pity them, for they are doomed to suffer.

That said, go fly with the angels my brother! :D :D :D

I believe that you and I
have shared this air so many times.
We are the bringers of the vibration!

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Post Re: Personal Rant (don't read)
Internet haters need to take Oddball's advise from Kelly's Heroes: "Why don't you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don't you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don't you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?"

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Post Re: Personal Rant (don't read)
PS We all read your post. :lol:

~~Can't go back and you can't stand still. If the peaches don't get you, then the mushrooms will.~~

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Post Re: Personal Rant (don't read)
Yes, I too, did read your rant, Rivernole! It took me a little while to figure out how to reply. The other replies all have good points. People's will be people's!!!! The rant Volkemon wrote about "No Wanee 2018" was a prime example of how people think ( I thaught). This forum is a good place to vent, but like all social networking ,It too, has had its moments. My advice is not to spit into the wind !!! Enjoy Everything that brings you happiness and let the rest be miserable !!!


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Post Re: Personal Rant (don't read)

I couch toured some of Lockn last weekend too. And as I did, I occasionally clicked on the chat, just to see if there was any interesting tidbits being chatted about... and mostly, there wasn't. I saw all the same BS you saw. So I'd close it, and fifteen minutes later I'd get curious, and open the chat back up... only to be disappointed again by the immature & idiotic comments. I'm a slow learner. :lol:

There's a down side to popularity. EVERYONE who is into jambands, even if they're twelve years old, knows who the Grateful Dead are... they are popular beyond all reason, frankly, since about 1987. And with that level of awareness, the cretins who like to be keyboard warriors come up out of the ground. It doesn't matter that there is *no need* for any of the vitriol. Certain people live for conflict and chat wars. I don't get it, but I know it's out there. And I do try to avoid it, cuz it's just not good for my blood pressure, since I can get caught up in that stuff.

EG: Back in 2015, I couch toured the two warmup Fare Thee Well shows that were in Santa Clara. My pirate video feed quality sucked, so I just did audio via one of the audio pirate feeds ... the chat there was FULL of the same vindictive crap that Rivernole mentions above. I chalk that up to what I mentioned above: popularity... there's just so many goons out there, that know the show is going on, and live to stir the poop around. For those FTW shows, I turned the stream chat off, and went and hung out on one of my private Facebook Deadhead pages, where a bunch of us 'real time' posted during the show. THAT was fun!

Know your tribe, I guess. 90% of chat rooms, suck. As do comments under lots of YouTube videos. Most of it just ain't worth bothering with...

All the successful, enjoyable message boards I've ever used, had a relatively small group of like-minded people. If they get big, they get unwieldy, and can be trouble. It takes only one troll, to string along dozens of decent people, and make the fur fly.

I guess the moral is: choose your hangout places carefully :idea:

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Post Re: Personal Rant (don't read)
I as at Lockn'. The haters are not all keyboard jockeys. Sometimes they buy tickets and stand right next you... I wasn't sad when he packed his sh... stuff and left...

Miss you all!

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