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 changing of the guard 
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Post Re: changing of the guard
kind of odd voice no doubt. he interned with neil young imagine he said just let it go.

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Post Re: changing of the guard
Bonnaroo jumped the shark right around the same time that the phrase "jumped the shark" jumped the shark, which was a looooonnnnngggg time ago.

These days, I think NOT recognizing names on the Roo lineup is a better indication of good musical taste than recognizing names on the Roo lineup.

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Post Re: changing of the guard
That was cool, thank you...

Miss you all!

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Post Re: changing of the guard
handsNfeetRmangos wrote:
These days, I think NOT recognizing names on the Roo lineup is a better indication of good musical taste than recognizing names on the Roo lineup.

I was clueless on at least 80% of the Bonnarro roster, so I guess this is a compliment, and so thank you for that :D :D :D


Your man on the Bonnaroo scene, checks in re: various points...

* The Orwells had a HUGE crowd, and rocked like crazy.

* Lukas Nelson was indeed fine. Gee willikers, he sounds *just like* his poppa on the ballads! Very solid, soulful R&B and country twinged rock... he'd fit in just fine at Wanee. Put me down as a yes for that.

* Crowd? The number I heard was 70,000. Which is still a hell of a lot of people. But, there's five 'big' stages... or, four big stages, and one GIANT stage. I mean, that sucker's HUGE! :lol: ... Plus there's four other smaller stages / venues... I never really felt crowded in, or overwhelmed, except for a few moments when I was at the super giant What stage for the few big names I saw there. Right before / after a show there, when masses of people were moving to their next thing, it very much reminded me of the Legend Valley (Ohio) Grateful Dead shows I saw in the 1980s ... 100k - 125k people reported for those. But, panic never set in, and the masses thinned out in 5-10min. Frankly, when there's one band at the Mushroom stage at Wanee, and it's the only game in town cuz it's the midnight set or whatever, and the whole damn place wants to see that set... 12k trying to fit in a space that handles maybe 6k...?? That is worse crowding than anything I experienced this past weekend in TN. The Mushroom is a fixed space with limited sightlines... Bonnaroo, lacking trees or anything resembling woods, is very open.

Which is NOT so say the farm in Manchester compares favorably to the SOSMP. It does not; it's not even close. But I'm not an expat from NYC that bitches about the quality of bagels here in SoFla, and I don't gripe about how 'this ain't the Suwannee', while I'm at a festival three states away from FL. I take what it is, on its own merits. :)

* Twiddle was set to play at 6:30PM, but wasn't there at that time... WTF; there's a damn DJ setup for Twiddle's slot! We were much sad, as I hadn't ever seen them as yet... But! We found the info booth; and we found out that they got rescheduled for 1:00AM. Travel delays, I suppose. It all worked out for the best... the That tent (my favorite, as it tended to showcase the most eclectic artists) on Thursday went Orwells > The Lemon Twigs > Turkuaz > Twiddle. Really killer from front to back. Loved the Twiddle. I hear a real heartfelt positivity in what they do, that isn't always there with some other jambands. Having them wind up as a late set band, seemed like a great outcome, they really were a good fit for the after midnight crowd. BTW, Turkuaz slayed them, and this was their first Bonnaroo (hey, just like me! :mrgreen:)... they did a version of Don't Do It that was just off the chain, as the kiddies say. Best performance I've seen from them.

* I was spared most of the sketchier elements of this event, by throwing in with some folks who were on their 14th(!) Bonnaroo, and they do VIP. So, the walk from my ARR VEE, to the fest, was well under a half mile. Which was a good thing, considering the state of my knees, and my back, and my feet, etc. etc. :D ... that said, I did put in some miles on foot. Just the festy part of this thing, is a significant chunk of real estate.


I have a plan to write a real review in the next couple days, and post it here and on the Facebook.

Bottom Line - I had a hell of a good time, saw some giants of the music biz perform who I had never seen before (U2, RHCPs), and found a few unknown (to me) artists that completely knocked my socks off. And my camp mates were stellar. That's a win in my book.

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